PhD Students

Andrew Robbins

Andrew RobbinsAndrew is the lab manager of the ENPH lab as well as a vice-president and co-founder of BIG inc. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and is a recipient of the National Merit Fellowship from Texas A&M University. From Tyler, Texas, Andrew received his bachelors degree from Texas A&M University in May 2013, graduating summa cum laude with University and Foundation Honors and minors in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. As an undergraduate, he gained research experience through the Michael E. DeBakey Undergraduate Research Program at Texas A&M as well as in the ROE and USRG programs at Texas A&M and was named a Thomas S. Gathright Scholar his sophomore year. He is currently involved in research in the biomechanics of blast induced traumatic brain injury (bTBI), tissue biomechanics, sports and injury biomechanics, and ovarian cancer.
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Caleb Davis

Caleb DavisOriginally from Salem, Oregon, Caleb completed his undergraduate studies at Texas A&M. He gained research experience through the Michael E. DeBakey Undergraduate Research Program at Texas A&M and the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship at the Mayo Clinic. In 2012, he graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. Caleb is currently pursuing his Ph. D. in Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University. He is a recipient of the National Excellence Fellowship from the Dwight Look College of Engineering. He also received a Whitaker Fellowship for 2014-2015 to research arterial biomechanics at Queen Mary University of London. Caleb investigates the effect of mechanical forces at the cellular level and their contributions to the development of lymphatic and cardiovascular disease. He has also contributed to projects in orthopedic biomechanics.

Lise Ochej

Lise is a PhD student from the Mechanical Engineering Department who joined the lab in October 2016. She studied biomechanics and obtained a master degree with the international program Mechatronic Systems for Rehabilitation at the Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University (Paris, France). She gained research experience with a 6-month internship as a full-time research student in Motion Capture at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne (Compiègne, France). She is in charge of supervising the motion capture research studies of the lab. She is personally involved in several project among which the development of a motion capture method to characterize the evolution of Golden Retriever Muscular Dystrophy and a pre- and post-surgery gait analysis on sheep which undergone a medical device implant. She is setting up the GLP protocol related to the motion capture part of the lab.

Mingliang Jiang

Mingliang JiangMingliang is a PhD student studying in Mechanical Engineering Department at Texas A&M University. He joined the lab in March, 2015. Currently he is working on project about tissue engineering for wound repair. He is building a biaxial mechanical testing system to measure mechanical properties of soft tissues. He is also working on design of soft tissue clamps.

Steve Zambrano

Steve ZambranoSteve is an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation fellow pursuing his Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University in Biomedical Engineering. He earned his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas-Pan American. During his previous studies, he participated in several research experiences including development of a novel method of polymeric and metallic nanofibers, termed ForcespinningTM technology; synthesis and characterization of three dimensionally macro- and mesoporous (3DOM & 3DOm) materials etc. In addition to his research projects, Steve has held several short-term industrial positions as a CAD Drafter & CNC Operator, Product Engineering Technician, and a Nano-Material Systems Consultant. He plans to specialize in medical device design and prototyping. His present research projects include: development of an in vitro system for reproducing the mechanical conditions associated with regions susceptible to vascular disease, pre- & post-operation ovine gait analysis of an implantable bone cuff system for long bone regeneration, a loading device for material testing of articular cartilage, etc.