Faculty and Administration


Dr. Michael R. Moreno

Dr. Michael R. MorenoDr. Moreno is a Fellow of the Debakey Institute for Comparative Cardiovascular Science and Biomedical Devices. He is an Assistant Professor in the department of mechanical engineering at Texas A&M University. He has over 10 years of experience developing medical devices, test systems for medical devices, and testing protocols for biomedical technologies, including non-GLP and GLP preclinical animal studies. Dr. Moreno a co-founder of Failure Analysis of Cardiovascular Technologies (FACTs), through which he has worked as a consultant in developing experimental flow and mechanical testing systems and protocols for several major medical device companies (e.g. Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Cordis, Flowmedica, etc.). He has been awarded several patents that cover testing systems for cardiovascular devices and device-based therapies for cardiovascular pathologies. He teaches the bioinspired design and comparative biomechanics courses at Texas A&M University and has received multiple teaching excellence awards. He is the coauthor of over 15 publications including three book chapters and has received funding from NIH (Co-I) and NSF (PI). Dr. Moreno is a member of BMES, ASME, ASEE, ASTM, AAAS, and ESB.


ENPH Lab Manager

Andrew Robbins

Andrew RobbinsAndrew is the lab manager of the ENPH lab as well as a vice-president and co-founder of BIG inc. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and is a recipient of the National Merit Fellowship from Texas A&M University. From Tyler, Texas, Andrew received his bachelors degree from Texas A&M University in May 2013, graduating summa cum laude with University and Foundation Honors and minors in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. As an undergraduate, he gained research experience through the Michael E. DeBakey Undergraduate Research Program at Texas A&M as well as in the ROE and USRG programs at Texas A&M and was named a Thomas S. Gathright Scholar his sophomore year. He is currently involved in research in the biomechanics of blast induced traumatic brain injury (bTBI), tissue biomechanics, sports and injury biomechanics, and ovarian cancer.

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VMR Lab Manager

Caleb Davis

Caleb DavisOriginally from Salem, Oregon, Caleb completed his undergraduate studies at Texas A&M. He gained research experience through the Michael E. DeBakey Undergraduate Research Program at Texas A&M and the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship at the Mayo Clinic. In 2012, he graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. Caleb is currently pursuing his Ph. D. in Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University. He is a recipient of the National Excellence Fellowship from the Dwight Look College of Engineering. He also received a Whitaker Fellowship for 2014-2015 to research arterial biomechanics at Queen Mary University of London. Caleb investigates the effect of mechanical forces at the cellular level and their contributions to the development of lymphatic and cardiovascular disease. He has also contributed to projects in orthopedic biomechanics.


OBRL Lab Manager

Brad Lambert

Brad LambertBradley S. Lambert, Ph.D TEES Research Scientist Department of Mechanical Engineering Texas A&M University Human Subjects Research Director Department of Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Houston Methodist Hospital 6670 Bertner Ave, Houston, TX 77030 (P) 832-687-2483 RESEARCH AREAS: • Phenotypic adaptations of human muscle tissue to physical activity and the mechanisms that mediate those adaptations. • The effects of exercise mode specificity on markers of chronic inflammation and metabolic stress. • Cross signaling between intracellular pathways that regulate mitochondrial and myofibrillar protein synthesis in skeletal muscle. • The development of exercise and nutritional intervention strategies for specific populations and conditions. • Post-operative rehabilitation therapies.


Operations Manager

Arturo Lopez

Arturo LopezArt Lopez has held various levels of Retail, Distribution and Operations Management over the years! The focus will consist of administration, and business operations across the department to assist the Scientists and Engineers in freeing up their time enabling them to focus on Science and Research!