Sheep Gait Analysis

The Sheep Gait Analysis motion capture project is lead in collaboration with Houston Methodist Research Institute.

One of the bone cuff prototypes (2017).


The Houston Methodist Center for Musculoskeletal Regeneration developed a cuff with osteoregenerative capabilities which aims to faster bone recovery after fracture.

Our lab is in charge of leading sheep gait analysis pre- and post-surgery to see the effects of this cuff and to evaluate the gait capacity of each sheep. Post-surgery motion capture are made at three time points:

– surgery + 30 days,

– surgery + 90 days,

– surgery + 180 days.




Sheep are equipped with 24 reflective markers which define the position of their back legs and of their spine. A first motion capture and gait analysis called “baseline” is done before the surgery to be used as reference for the sheep movements.


Sheep marker set used for motion capture for gait analysis pre- and post-surgery (2017).


The baseline motion capture has been done on September 2017 with the 8 sheep belonging to the program, and the surgeries are currently on progress.