Engineering Physics Lab

The Engineering Physics Laboratory houses all of the Biomechanical Environments Laboratories projects that do not involve veterinary medicine, or the orthopedics work done at Methodist. We are primarily located in ENPH 306, but the motion capture facility is in room 423, and the Blast injury facilities are located in the Reed McDonald building, room 102.

In the lab we have:

  1. Mechanical Testing Facilities
    1. A custom loadframe with physiological biobath
    2. A custom biaxial system
  2. Sports Biomechanics Facilities
    1. Vicon motion capture system
    2. 16 channel Myon wireless EMG
    3. 4 AMTI 2kN force plates
  3. Cell culture facilities
    1. Autoclave
    2. Freezer
    3. Refrigerator
    4. Laminar flow hood
    5. C02 Incubator
  4. Blast Injury Facilities
    1. Robbins-Moreno Shock Tube for replicating blast conditions
    2. High speed pressure sensors
    3. High Speed Photography
  5. Cardiovascular flow Facilities
    1. Stress angle device bioreactor
    2. Mock artery flow bioreactors
    3. Flow loops for replicating cardiovascular flows
    4. Transonic ultrasonic flow meter
    5. Millar pressure catheters
  6. Fabrication Facilities
    1. Vacuum oven
    2. Vacuum pumps
    3. Silicone Elastomers
    4. Makerbot 3d printer