Undergraduate Research

The Biomechanical Environments Laboratory Undergraduate Research Program (BMEL-UGRP)

A program designed for undergraduates who want a serious research experience.

The program is intended to provide a structured environment that will help you:

  1. Gauge your interest in research as a career
  2. Develop skills in engineering
  3. Gain experience in relevant engineering disciplines
  4. Prepare for a graduate degree in research at the MS or PhD level
  5. Prepare for a career in biomedical research

Undergraduates in the program (BMEL scholars) are typically mentored by a graduate student and work on projects ranging from cell culture to blast induced brain injury. Undergraduates have worked on most of the projects in the lab.

Application Process

  1. Scholars must complete the online application
  2. Scholars will be invited to a semi-formal interview
  3. Generally research spots are available at the beginning of every semester; fall, spring, and summer.

Once admitted into the program,

  1. Scholars will enroll in 2-3 credit hours of research (491) for a letter grade OR be involved in an external program (USRG, ARS, ROE, URS, REU, etc…)
  2. Students will spend a minimum of 6 hours per week in the lab on average, plus meetings and whatever time is required to complete assignments outside the lab.
  3. Scholars will attend weekly lab meetings
  4. Scholars will have weekly meetings with their graduate mentor with a weekly literature review assignment
  5. Scholars will complete an end of semester project (one of the following):
    1. Conference-style presentation to the lab group
    2. Student Research Week presentation
    3. Explorations journal submission (1st author or second)
    4. Journal submission
    5. Conference presentation
    6. Other approved publication or presentation
  6. Scholars will be given an end of semester review

Some scholars may be invited to return to the lab after a semester in the program. This may or may not be as part of this program.

2017 Application Deadlines:

Summer, and Fall (round 1): Monday, May 1
Fall (round 2): Sunday, August 20
Spring (round 3): Friday, December 8

Apply Here

Wondering what current students have done in the lab?

Click to view the posters they presented at Student Research Week.